2 DIVIDED WALL FRAME - Wallahu Khairur Raziqin

Rs.2,300.00 Rs.999.00

2 Divided Wall Frames 
Want to make your wall look magnificent yet eye-catching? Buy this incredibly artistic printed canvas Frame to enhance the beauty of your wall and brighten the mood of your interior. Decorate your home with this amazing canvas frame to give your home a peaceful environment. A perfect add-on for living rooms, offices, lounges, and bedrooms, this frame is guaranteed to turn heads and leave guests in awe with its artistic image.

Small Size: 
Size of each frame:
1 Frame Size: 16 x 24 Inch

Wall Canvas Digital Printed
Set of 2 Frames
Material: Adhesive Non-tearing PVC with Solid Wooden
Frames of 0.5 inches
Delivery Time 6-9 Days

All Customize Size Available.

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