Soft Satin Silk Duvet Cover Pillow Covers

Rs.7,199.99 Rs.2,099.99
* PROTECT THE LIFE OF YOUR COMFORTER: Down comforters can be an expensive investment. Our duvet covers will protect your investment by easily sliding over your comforter keeping it safe from tears, stains, sweat, and losing feathers.
* EASY INEXPENSIVE TO CARE FOR: Our duvet covers are machine washable, simply slip off your duvet cover and pop into the washing machine! No more expensive trips to the dry cleaners with your down comforter!
* HEALTHY SLEEPING ENVIRONMENT: Our duvet covers are perfect for allergy sufferers! Unlike other fabrics, microfiber repels dust mites and other allergens, allergy sufferers will wake up feeling refreshed!
* Size: 90x100
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