Soft satin silk - 7 pcs bed set

Rs.14,999.99 Rs.7,499.99

The soft and smooth nature of Satan Silk Shine makes your hair and skin slide across its surface without being “bunched up” due to friction, eliminating sleep wrinkles and messy morning hair.Satan Silk is your best solution for getting the ultimate beauty sleep. The Silk sheets provides the ultimate habitability and comfort, keeping you comfortable all year round,creating warmth in the winter and a cooling effect in the summer.

Sheet type: Luxury

Materials:  Satan Silk Shine

Set Includes: 1 Comforter , 1 Bed Sheet , 2 Pillow Covers ,2  cushion,1 Fitted Sheet

Care instructions:

  -Machine-washable in less warm water (31°C) on very gentle cycle if available.

  – Less spin time.

  – Hang dry (if possible).

  – Tumble dry on a low warm setting if using drying machine. Avoid drying for long period of time.

  – Iron when slightly damp using a low warm setting. Always iron inner side.

  – Keep out of touch of pets or sharp objects.

Bedsheet 90 x 100 inch. 
Comforter 90 x 100 inch. 
Fitted Sheet 90 x 100 inch. 
Pillow Cover 20 x 30 inch.
Cushion Cover 17 x 17 inch.

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